Manuela García was born in 1982 in Mexico City, where she currently lives, but grew up in Medellin, Colombia. She holds a BA in Fine Arts by the National University of Colombia 2007.  She was part of the MA program in Visual Arts at the Brera Academy in Milan 2009. She worked during one year into the Textil art atelier from the School of Arts and Crafts in Granada 2010. Spain. She accomplished the SOMA arts educational program in México City 2016.

Now on view Mediating Forms, Efraín López Gallery, New York, US.

She recently presented Empty the mist 2023. Caiman Project. Curated by Marco Valtierra, On the surface.  2022 a solo show at Peana Gallery in Mexico City and Disorienting plans a collective show at Parsons gallery in New York City.  

Some of her previous exhibitions include Uncertain measure 2021 at Fundidora Museum, Monterrey, México curated by Ana Cadena and Hugo Chavez.  Inextinguishable Fire 2015 at Temporary Gallery, Cologne, Germany. Curated By Regina Barunke and Sonja Hempel,  Transcripciones 2015 Chopo Museum curated by Esteban King, Mexico City.  Welcome to the fear city 2020 Acme. Mexico city. Me from you – you from me. 2019 at the City Museum of Mexico.

She has been part of projects as Kiosko by Alumnos47 Fundation curated by Eva Pozas and collective initiatives such as The big question: Social Cartography at San Joaquin Neighborhood and NN project during the MDE15 at Antioquia Museum, Medellín. 

In her personal work, she consider herself as sculpture, interested in the relationship between bodies in space.


Manuela García


2014  MFA education program at SOMA, México, D.F.
2007  BA in Fine Arts, National University of Colombia, Medellín.
2009 Textil Art. Academy of Arts and Crafts, Granada, España
2008 Specialization studies in Visual Arts, Fine Arts Academy, Brera, Milan, Italy.

Solo Exhibitions

Mediating Forms. Efraín López NY. US.

Choreographies of Matter. 2023. Curated by Sandra Sanchez.Galería Tiro al blanco, Guadalajara.                      Empty the mist 2023. Caiman Project. Curated by Marco Valtierra. Guadalajara.                On the Surface. 2022. Peana Gallery, curated by Aline Hernández. Mexico City.
Oscillations. MuCiC Cuernavaca City Museum. 2021.
Air Plomo Gallery, Mexico City, 2019
Dark wind. Bodega Acme, Mexico City. 2018.
The similarities are hidden in the surfaces. Curated by Aline Hernandez. Breve Gallery. México City, 2018.
One way of being is to elapse. Conversation with Joshua Jobb Taller 7. Medellín, Colombia, 2016.
What Occuppies Space, Interior Magdalena, curated by María Elena Ortiz. Mexico City, 2012.
Migrate Like Birds, Casa Tres Patios, Medellín, Colombia, 2010.
Subject, Gallery of  the National University of Colombia, Medellin, Colombia, 2007. 

Group Exhibitions


Eroded house. Anahuacalli Museum. Curated by Karla niño de Rivera. Mexico City.                                                      ABC. Art Baja California. Maco Patio. 

2022                                                                                                                                                                          Portrait of an artist. curated by Ana Castella. Peana Gallery. Mexico City.                                                            Promised Land, Hacer Noche. Santo Domingo Museum. Curated by Pablo Vera Arredondo. Oaxaca. México.
Present continuous scriptures in present continuous.
Maaa mo mi me moo. Curated by Underbelly. Cabañas Museum. Guadalajara. Mexico. Atl 217. Acapulco62. Mexico City.

Antropoceno. Casa Wabi. Curated by Alberto Ríos de la Rosa. Ciudad de México.
Maco art week. Patio. Performance program at Casa Ortega curated by Direlia Lazo and Catalina lozano.

Uncertain measure. Museum of Fundidora Park. Monterrey. México.
Welcome to the fear city. Bodega Acme Mexico City.
Reflection of things Galeria Chica Guadalajara, Mexico.
Fly Fly tourist visions of latin america. Zona de desgaste. Mexico City.

You from me / Me from you Mexico City Museum.
Whitout title Bodega ACME. México City.
Cuensecuences, a game of words. curated by Violeta Orcasitas Breve Gallery
Paragraph change, seven readings to one space. Editorial Revista Artes de Mexico.
Stairs Pavillion Guadalajara 9210. Mexico City.

Multiple Gesture. Squash 73. Hilario Galguera Gallery. Curated by Marco Treviño, Esteban King, Christian Gomez. Mexico city.
Sal con Celta. Acapulco 62. Curated by Mauricio Marcin.
Kiosko, When I am lost I am curious. Curated by Eva Posas. Fundación Alumnos.
Ciudad de México.
Fundamental Notes. Estudio Marte. Mexico City

Yellow Tulips, Efrain Gallery. Chicago EUA
Look back and thing about it, Estudio Marte. México City.
Thing air, curated by Anuar Maauad Galería Emma Molina Monterrey, Mexico.
Particular collections, Casa Maauad. Mexico City

The big question Encuentro MD15 whith Cooperative Crater Invertido. Medelín, Colombia 2015.
Pangea. Giulianova Italia. Curated by Diego Esposito.