For this presentation on Barely Fair, the collector and the artist begin with a citation from Flights/Los herrantes by Olga Tokarczuk. Everywhere and Nowhere relates to one of the titles of a chapter of the novel and harbors the reflections about the time we use to weave it into this body of ruminative work. Whether making circles around ourselves or moving in a straight line, we are, as in the words of Colombian writer Eduardo Zalamea Borda, in agreement with each other and with ourselves.


“Whenever I set off on any sort of journey I fall off the radar. No one knows where I am. At the point I departed from? Or at the point I’m headed to? Can there be
in-between? Am I like that lost day when you fly east,
and regained night that comes from going west?”

Flights Olga Tokarczuk
translated by Jennifer Croft


“Cuando salgo de viaje desaparezco del mapa. Nadie sabe dónde me encuentro. ¿En el punto del que partí o en aquel al que me dirijo? ¿Existe un “entre”? ¿No seré como ese día perdido cuando volamos al este o
esa noche recuperada cuando lo hacemos a hacia el
Los errantes Olga Tokarczuk
De la traducción, Agata Orzeszek

„Kiedy wyruszam w podróż, znikam z map. Nikt nie wie, gdzie jestem. W punkcie, z którego wyszłam, czy w punkcie, do którego dążę? Czy istnieje jakieś „pomiędzy”? Czy jestem jak ten zgubiony dzień, gdy
leci się na wschód, i odnaleziona noc, gdy leci się na
Bieguni Olga Tokarczuk

For almost a decade Dorota Kruczalak has been collecting my work. Key concepts connecting us are affinities
such as the passage of time, the traces of existence, indeterminacy, and a presence of poetic elements that
are combined with a shared literary sensibility. We both have been migrants, both have understood what
it means to carry our own time in which the past in another place is still present now, no matter how far we are from our place of origin.