MuCiC presents "Oscilaciones". 2021.

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The exhibition features a selection of sculptural-like works, which speak to the artist’s interest in the study of space, material, and form. Likewise, the show includes the newly work Arco Cerrado (2021). Arco Cerrado consists of a Banak wood circular sculpture trimmed with wool in the lower part, at the base or support of the piece, and the upper part. The work cuts through the room, adapting to the space that determines its shape, in an extraordinary display of malleability. The logic of sculpture becomes, in this sense, inseparable from the logic of space.

The exhibition has been conceived as an opportunity to put some of Garcia’s most recent work into dialogue. It proposes as a starting point, a poetic and formal reflection of the artifice that is stability. In each of the works, the element of permanence— commonly associated with the idea of “the sculptural”— oscillates in a transitory moment that defines its condition. Thus, in this case, sculpture can be understood as something that happens rather than as discrete bodies occupying a designated space in the physical site that accommodates them.


Publicado en, 2021.